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Internships, hackathons and mobile app courses – a wide range of free opportunities for smart teens that know the future is mobile and it is up to them to shape it! 

Be part of the change that will transform Romania from a software outsourcing hub into a technology product global player! We’re offering an accelerated track for you to gain the necessary skills to create your own product start-up or work inside a start-up focused on creating products.

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Want to spend 2 weeks this summer in a Romanian tech startup company? Find out how to get an internship through us.

Age: 16 – 18 / Interns taken: 8

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We organise regular hackathons for smart teens like you. Find out when the next one takes place and be part of the competition.

Age: 15 – 17 / Teams of: 4 members

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Mobile App Courses

If you are in for the long run and want to learn how to create mobile apps after school find out what free courses we provide.

Age: 15-17 / Class Size: 15 students

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Our Tutors / Mentors

Experts that want to pay it forward and make sure the next generation of tech wiz kids have the tools they need to become successful.