INTRO TO AI - Course for High-School Students

Artificial Intelligence is the electric power of the future. AI is helping and will help us  shop, will bring us home from work while we relax thinking of our next vacation. AI will help us cure diseases we today think are almost impossible to cure. 
Artificial Intelligence should be studies in high-school the same way the electron or thermodynamics are studied in school – as a basic, elementary phenomenon in our lives. We decided thus this intro course for students is a must! Even if we talk about evaluating the price of an apartment, automatic reading of a cursive writing, recognizing the type of a flower or predicting the grade your colleague will take at their next test – all this ”magic” will unveil before your eyes. 

Divergent Academy together with Knowledge Investment Group – Omni AI  have designed a 15 hours induction course to Artificial Intelligence for high-school students.  

LOCATION:  4th Gara Herastrau Street, Building C, 1st floor, Green Court Bucharest, București 

DURATION: 4 weeks starting Tuesday 15.05.2018 at 16:30 

APPLICATIONS WELCOMED :  Deadline for applications –  30.04.2018

RESULTS ANNOUNCED:  Friday 04.05.2018

UPDATE: Deadline for applications extended until 04.05.2018

RESULTS ANNOUNCED:  Tuesday 08.05.2018


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