Divergent Academy is an NGO funded by T-Me Studios

Divergent Academy’s goal is to increase the number of product-focused tech companies in Romania. We want to accelerate the shift from an outsourcing-based tech environment to a product-based one.

Through its product courses, hackathons, summer internships and other projects, Divergent Academy will strive to guide the future workforce of our country towards technology companies that develop and market their own products rather than towards companies offering outsourcing services. We see the outsourcing industry as an educational stepping stone for people working in the technology sector that eventually move on to product companies. Through Divergent, we want to help young people skip right through to the final step of their professional careers – jumping straight to building their own products.

We’ll be teaching the necessary skillset to high-school students so that they can create their own tech product start-ups or become a valuable part of an already established product start-up in Romania, with the ultimate goal of further developing the product-focused industry here in Romania.

Divergent Academy is an NGO funded by T-Me Studios. We are currently fully funded throughout 2017 and 2018. However, there are many other ways you can get involved (our friends from MReady and Omniconvert offer internships through our program this summer for example). If you run a product IT company and want to support Divergent’s goal of developing the Romanian technology/IT ecosystem, please get in touch and subscribe to our Divergent Companies newsletter – we’ll send occasional e-mails detailing our impact and future plans.

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