Internships, hackathons and mobile app courses

Divergent Academy wants to help you be a part of something great: the development of the technology product industry in Romania.

We want to give you the skills needed to create valuable hardware & software products right here in Romania. We’d love to see you create tech products for your own start-up or inside a local product-focused company. Romania is a great ecosystem for tech companies and you can be a valuable contributor while still doing your own thing, on your own terms. While being the 1000th employee in a global corporation or a small piece of the puzzle in an outsourcing company both have their advantages, we promise you will have a much greater impact working on your own products, solving real world problems you believe in and achieving financial success much faster.

Our mobile app courses will replicate the environment of a real product start-up, our hackathons will enable you to be creative and develop creative ideas, our internships will give you a taste of how great it feels to develop and market your own products.

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